What Is Video Transcription? Reasons Why Do You Need It?

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Video transcription changes spoken words in a video into written text, making it readable. These written texts are called transcripts. These words are then included with the video.

Video transcription makes videos more interesting. It adds written words to help everyone understand. This is very helpful for learning and remembering information.

Software that understands speech can make this job easier. Human translators also work on it to make sure everything is correct. Using both the text turns out really good.

Types of video transcription

There are three main types of video transcription:

Verbatim Video Transcription

Verbatim video transcription means writing down every single word and sound from a video. It includes talking, laughing, and even background noises like dogs barking or people clapping.

These transcripts are used as subtitles in movies and ads. They need to be very accurate and detailed.

This kind of transcription helps deaf people understand what's happening in the video better.

Intelligent Video Transcription

Intelligent video transcription makes sure the text is clear and easy to understand. It leaves out unclear words, background sounds, or incomplete sentences. This way, viewers can follow the video smoothly.

Skilled transcribers do intelligent transcription. They carefully choose words to express what the speaker wants to say. It involves more editing to make sure the content is crystal clear.

Edited Video Transcription

Edited video transcription lets the transcriber skip less important parts of the audio. The key message stays the same.

It's great for seminars, conferences, and learning. By cutting out extras, the transcription gets shorter and clearer.

This method makes sure the important stuff is said without changing what the video's about.

Rise of Video Transcription

In the past, transcription meant turning speech into writing, mostly for courts, medicine, and businesses, starting in the 1970s.

But now, thanks to technology, things are different. Video and audio recording, plus speech recognition, make transcription easier. We still do some by hand, but computers help a ton.

Today, video transcription isn't just for serious stuff like law or medicine. It's everywhere! We use it for fun things like movies, shows, and YouTube. It's a big part of how we share info and have fun together.

Need of video transcription

Video transcription is super important for businesses aiming to have a strong online presence. It helps everyone watch videos, even if they can't hear well.

Lots of people worldwide have trouble hearing, so transcriptions are a must. Whether it's because of age or genes, transcriptions make sure everyone gets what's in the video.

They help both people with hearing problems and those without understanding the videos better.

Expanding Reach to Non-Native Audiences

Video transcription helps more people understand the content, even if they don't speak the video's language. When transcriptions are available in languages like Spanish, French, or Korean, everyone around the world can watch.

This language-friendly approach makes more people watch videos, which helps media companies make more money. It boosts their popularity and how much money they can make.

Improving User Experience

Video transcription makes watching videos better for everyone. It lets people watch without sound in different places.

This flexibility, backed by research, keeps people watching longer and clicking away less online.

Also, stuff like interactive transcripts helps users search in videos and makes reading and listening smooth.

Boosting Search Engine Visibility

Moreover, transcription helps videos show up better on search engines like Google. It lets Google understand what's in the video, so it shows up more in search results.

When businesses put important words into transcriptions, it helps their videos show up more in searches. That means more people see their videos without needing to pay for ads. You can read More about Benefits Of Transcription here.

Applications of video transcription

In Entertainment and Media

Video transcription is super useful in lots of fun stuff like TV shows, movies, and podcasts. It changes what people say into text super accurately, making it easier for everyone to get what's happening.

This helps keep people interested, get more subscribers, and make the content show up better online in searches.

In Business and Corporate Settings

Businesses use video transcription for lots of stuff, like training videos, meetings, and project proposals.

Transcribed videos help share info clearly and make communication smoother. They're super important for businesses, making everything run better and helping people get more done.

In Legal Proceedings

In legal situations, video transcription is really important for lawyers. It helps with showing video proof, writing police reports, and getting statements from witnesses.

Transcribing videos helps lawyers make sure everything's right and clear, which helps them make their case stronger and do what's fair.

In Online Content Creation

Video transcription is super important for people who make stuff online, especially on YouTube. It lets them add captions and subtitles, making videos easier to understand for all kinds of people.

Whether it's for learning, fun, or sharing info, transcribing videos makes the online experience better and gets people more interested in watching.

In the Media Industry

In the media world, video transcription is really important, especially for things like news and interviews. Journalists use transcriptions to add more info to their stories, making sure they're accurate and complete.

Transcribing interviews and special reports helps media folks stick to their high standards and give their audience all the info they need.

How to transcribe a video?

Utilizing Tools for Transcription

  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR): Use ASR tools for quick transcription.
  • YouTube Automatic Captioning: Make the most of YouTube's feature for simple transcription.
  • Free Online Transcription Services: Utilize online tools like video transcript generator tool for affordable transcription options. It is very easy to convert your video into text without making mistakes.

Setting Up Transcription Tools

  • Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is essential for accurate transcription.
  • Computer Compatibility: Ensure your computer, be it Windows or Mac, supports transcription.

Transcribing Process

  • Live Dictation: Use live dictation features for instant transcription.
  • Proofreading: After transcription, proofread the text for accuracy.

Editing and Downloading Transcripts

  • Edit Transcript: Users can edit the transcript as needed for clarity.
  • Downloading Subtitles: Download the transcript as a text file or subtitles for various uses.


What is video transcription?

YVideo transcription means turning words spoken in a video into writing. It includes what people say, words on the screen, and even sounds like music. This helps many things like making videos accessible, helping them show up in searches, and for learning and studying.

How long does it take to transcribe a video?

It depends on how long and hard the video is. If someone writes it by hand, it usually takes 4 to 6 times longer than the video itself. So, a one-hour video might need 4 to 6 hours to write.

But if a computer does it automatically, it can be faster, maybe just a few minutes. But, it might need more time to fix mistakes.

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